Mythological characters, French folklore

General / 29 April 2020

A marte or marse is a fallen fairy of a frightful ugliness who, during night hunts, tries to quench her insatiable carnal appetite. Men who cross her path may try to flee, but she chases them until they fall from exhaustion. They are known for throwing their breasts over their shoulders while screaming «Suck, plowman! ».

Mythologycal characters, illustrations

General / 08 April 2020

Since the beginning of confinement, I started a new series of illustrations based on the Greek Mythology.

I'm posting the illustration and a process video on Instagram and Twitter, everyday.

The original illustrations are available, full character on A4 220g paper, Promarker and colored pencils. Send me a message if you are interested! :)

Medusa, original RESERVED
Icarus, original RESERVED
Arthemis, original RESERVED
Dionysus, original available
Circe, original SOLD
Hermes, original RESERVED
Aphrodite, original available
Hades and Persephone, original available
Hecate, original RESERVED
Athena, original SOLD
Baubó, original available
Nyx, original RESERVED
Helios, original available
Hestia, original available 
Jason, original available

The Charites, original available

Poseidon, original available

Pandora, original RESERVED

Pygmalion and Galatea, original available

Nemesis, original available

Cybele, original RESERVED

Arachne, original available

Orpheus and Eurydice, original available

Atalante, original available

The Moirai, original available

Thanatos and Ker, original available

Hera, original available

Hyacinth, original available

Myrrha, original available

 Philomela and Procne, original available

More to come!










SixFanArts Challenge

General / 08 April 2020

A new trend on Twitter: #SixFanArts challenge

International Women's Day

General / 11 March 2020

I drew a full A3 illustration for International Women's Day.
I tried to be inclusive and intersectional as much as I could.
I'll make some prints soon!

A3 illustration, on a 224g paper, promarkers, colored pencils and ink, March 2020. 

Les Fleurs du mal. Exhibition opening!

General / 21 February 2020

Yesterday night was the exhibition opening!

Almost every books are sold out! I'll have more soon available online!
Thank you to all the people who came yesterday. The exhibition will stay during one month, if you are in Montpellier!


More details and location:

Les Fleurs du mal. 20 illustrated poems

General / 19 February 2020

It's here! I received on Monday the books, with my 20 illustrated poems from "Les Fleurs du mal".

The book will be available during all the exhibition in Montpellier and also online here after!

If you want to pre-order one, you can send me an email! Available for pre-order now!
A second printing is on the way.

The book is 10€ at the exhibition and 15€ with shipping (Paypal only)!

All the original illustrations will be for sale during the exhibition at 160€.

 (framed original, promarkers and colored pencils on a 200g A5 paper, with poem on a 200g A4 paper)

All items are sent from France.
I take care of your orders, so please note that the process may take around 5 days to be done, and around two weeks outside of France to be there after shipping. Thank you for your patience and understanding !

Commisions are still available:
70€ character bust, shipping included, PayPal only,
Promarkers and colored pencils on A5 paper.

Les Fleurs du mal. Exhibition and a book project!

General / 06 February 2020

In two weeks, I'm doing an exhibition in my hometown (Montpellier, France). 

I love exhibition with a theme. So I selected 20 poems from "Les Fleurs du mal" by Charles Baudelaire, and I drew them.
The exhibition will start the 20th February, and will stay one month!

I'm also making a book with all the poems and illustrations for the exhibition. It'll be available online too!
More informations soon here and on social network.

Dans deux semaines, je vais exposer dans ma ville (Montpellier, France).
Comme j'adore les expositions à thème ou avec un fil rouge, j'ai voulu en avoir un.
J'ai sélectionné 20 poèmes du recueil "Les Fleurs du mal" de Charles Baudelaire, que j'ai illustré.

Pour l'occasion, je vais également faire un livret regroupant les poèmes et illustrations. Il sera également en vente en ligne pour celleux qui ne peuvent pas venir !

Bientôt plus d'informations !

La Beauté, Margaux Saltel 2020

Happy New Year!

General / 06 January 2020

Happy Magical Year 2020!

Health! Happiness! Changes! Lots of awesome art and stories!

2019 is finally done. It was a really bad year for me, but I'm really excited for 2020.
I'm not afraid anymore and I'm prepared!

So get ready!

To celebrate the new year, I'm opening the commissions! 

70€ character bust, shipping included, PayPal only,
Promarkers and colored pencils on A5 paper.

If you have a specific request, let me know on

Original version, "The Sword" Margaux Saltel 2020

2020 will be the year of my come back on Twitch and Youtube, with a lot of surprises!
I'll also open soon a shop, where I'll be selling all the originals, so stay tuned.

I wish you all the best for this year <3

Christmas Commissions!

General / 19 November 2019

I'm opening few slots for Christmas!
I also have some prints and originals available, if you want one, or you want a special request, you can send me an email too! 

Originals available

Prints available, A5 paper, 5€ (+shipping)

Thought Bubble was amazing!

General / 19 November 2019

Thought Bubble was already 10 days ago! I'm finally back from my short break after the convention.
We went to London and Paris, it was wonderful!

I went to Thought Bubble last year, when it was in Leeds, and this year was in Harrogate. The new place is really amazing and beautiful. Like last year, I had the chance to meet some talented people, David Lafuente, Simone D'Armini, etc.

This convention is really the best, it focused on the art, comic artists, but also illustrator, painter etc. After this kind of festival, you are just full of inspiration and motivation!

Thank you, to all the team, and volunteers!
See you next year!

A little interview with Jimmy Aquino, if you want to listen my bad french accent!

Some pictures!

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Our table, next to Abigail Jill Harding, and Richard Starkings, creators of Ask For Mercy!

Gom, Richard Starkings, and I.

See you soon!