SUPERFREAKS is available now!

General / 04 June 2018

Finally the project I'm working on since two years is out! I'm so happy, I can finally talk about it!!

ComiXology announced last Friday during the Weekly Twich, their new ComiXology Originals.

"Working in conjunction with, comiXology is offering "print-on-demand" comic books and graphic novels, allowing certain titles in its comiXology Originals digital line to be printed and sent direct-to-home via Amazon.

The company is also experimenting with the release of multiple new issues of its comiXology Originals at one time for binge-reading. And it's offering several new creator-owned titles that are free to read for subscribers to Amazon Prime and other book streaming services." (Newsrama)

SUPEFREAKS is available now all 5 issues, for "binge-reading". I created the universe with the talented Elsa CHARRETIER ( The Wasp, Star Wars Adventures, Starfire, WindHaven, etc) and Pierrick COLINET (The Infinite Loop, Star Wars Adventures, etc). 

"Their story follows a diverse group of teenage sidekicks who are forced to step up in a big way. Every superhero in the world has seemingly disappeared, and it’s up to these second stringers to save the day. " (SYFY)

All 5 issues are available, I draw everything except the awesome covers!
Issue #1 by Stephen Byrne

(Amazing logo by Ryan Hugues)

Issue #2 by Marguerite Sauvage

Issue #3 by Naomi Franquiz

Issue #4 by Elsa Charretier

Issue #5 by Jamie McKelvie

I hope you will enjoy this comic book!
More to come on my portfolio!

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