Happy New Year!

General / 06 January 2020

Happy Magical Year 2020!

Health! Happiness! Changes! Lots of awesome art and stories!

2019 is finally done. It was a really bad year for me, but I'm really excited for 2020.
I'm not afraid anymore and I'm prepared!

So get ready!

To celebrate the new year, I'm opening the commissions! 

70€ character bust, shipping included, PayPal only,
Promarkers and colored pencils on A5 paper.

If you have a specific request, let me know on contact@margaux-saltel.com

Original version, "The Sword" Margaux Saltel 2020

2020 will be the year of my come back on Twitch and Youtube, with a lot of surprises!
I'll also open soon a shop, where I'll be selling all the originals, so stay tuned.

I wish you all the best for this year <3

Christmas Commissions!

General / 19 November 2019

I'm opening few slots for Christmas!
I also have some prints and originals available, if you want one, or you want a special request, you can send me an email too! 

Originals available

Prints available, A5 paper, 5€ (+shipping)

Thought Bubble was amazing!

General / 19 November 2019

Thought Bubble was already 10 days ago! I'm finally back from my short break after the convention.
We went to London and Paris, it was wonderful!

I went to Thought Bubble last year, when it was in Leeds, and this year was in Harrogate. The new place is really amazing and beautiful. Like last year, I had the chance to meet some talented people, David Lafuente, Simone D'Armini, etc.

This convention is really the best, it focused on the art, comic artists, but also illustrator, painter etc. After this kind of festival, you are just full of inspiration and motivation!

Thank you, to all the team, and volunteers!
See you next year!

A little interview with Jimmy Aquino, if you want to listen my bad french accent!

Some pictures!

Follow Guillaume on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/gpoitel

Our table, next to Abigail Jill Harding, and Richard Starkings, creators of Ask For Mercy!

Gom, Richard Starkings, and I.

See you soon!

Victoire Divine Tome 2

General / 06 November 2019

Out this Wednesday, November 6th, in France, the french edition of the book "Victoire Divine 2", written by Edith Kabuya, I drew the covers for all the serie.

I uploaded all the covers here!

Thought Bubble Commissions

General / 20 October 2019

I'm opening pre-show commissions slots!
If you are interested, feel free to send an email : contact@margaux-saltel.com

A5 character bust, with promarkers and pencils, 50€ PayPal only.
You'll get the drawing at the convention! I'll be at Table 44, Ask For Mercy Hall.

During the convention, I'll have some prints, originals, and SuperFreaks goodies too.

See you there!

French interview

General / 20 September 2019

I answered to some questions about comics for a french magazine (20Minutes).
It will be with others French comic book artists and writers interviews, to talk about the Paris Comic Con in October!

The link: https://www.20minutes.fr/arts-stars/culture/2607511-20190919-comic-con-paris-conventions-francaises-rares-souvient-selon-margaux-saltel?utm_term=Autofeed&xtref=twitter.com&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1568905393

This Week publications!

General / 09 September 2019

Out this Wednesday, September 11th:

In France, the french edition of the book "Victoire Divine", written by Edith Kabuya, I drew the covers for all the serie.

Worldwide, "Star Wars Adventures 25", my first full issue on SWA, with the story written by Delilah S. Dawson!

More details and illustrations on the portfolio!


NCBD! Out today!

General / 14 August 2019

Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019!

I drew the back up story "So Much More", written by Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet about Padmé and Breha’s shared bond with baby Leia!



                                                      Cover by Stan Sakai


General / 06 August 2019

I'm opening few commissions slots for this Summer!
All the informations: https://margaux-saltel.com/blog/1rZW/commissions

If you want a digital commission or if you have a special request, shoot me an email too! :)

Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019

General / 05 August 2019

We got to do bucket list story for Star Wars Adventures Annual: Breha, Leia and Padmé, together, sharing a heartfelt moment.

Story by Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet
Art by me

In shop, August 14th
(more info: https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/MAR190652)